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song "Malaika" with translation:

Remember our beloved from Uganda no longer with us.



The Uganda Forum initiative of Asian African European diaspora for a better world society (BWS)

Scope and Mission

Welcome to the home of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation of Ugandan Asian and African expatriates in Britain and world-wide. In 1972 approximately 70,000 of us with our parents and grandparents were forced into a refugee status and told to leave Uganda within 90 days. In the past 30 years very few have returned and most of the older generation originally from Uganda evolved and adapted to the stresses and cultural ways in the new countries. Indeed, it is the most successful community in terms of integration into the social and business infrastructure of the host communities. The Ugandan Asian is a unlike some other imigrant communities embraced and show appreciation of the values of freedom and free speech, being more open and interactive with all the different cultures and doctrines with which they came across. This in part could be explained by the entrepreneur and pioneer spirit of our grandfathers and their willingness to go out in search for opportunities and a better way of life and in part to the spirit and openness they learned form the local African communities. They were different from the Europeans who went to North and South America and Australia, in that they accepted the customs and practices of the local people, learning their language and cultural ways in a way making a symbiotic relationship (contrary to the views of Idi Amin).

We would like to hear from all the Ugandan Expatriates and create a database of the families that originally fled in 1972 and their experiences and history to date. Please write and send any relevant information (newspaper articles, pictures etc) to us, which will be used to create a historical database for the future generations.

Please participate with your views, articles and information by sending e-mail or contact::

Dr M. Ashraf Virmani, Uganda Forum

E-mail me at : ashraf@libero.it

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