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Sistema is Open to Joint Ventures and Partnerships

 Sistema London is looking for business partners to develop and market new products. With our expertise a successful partnership is assured. 


There is a big and growing market for self-health and health enhancing products. Consumers are becoming aware that what they eat can have direct effects on their longevity and health.

These go under titles like medical foods, dietary supplements, functional foods or nutraceuticals but are basically products that are hybrids between OTC and Pharmaceutical.

 Sales Channels

Product range is sold mainly via Natural food stores (44%), retailing (26), multi-level marketing firms (22) and mail order (5) and GPs (3).

 Dietary supplements Products

Mainly vitamins followed by herbals, sports nutrition, meal, mineral and speciality supplements. The specialist area is growing and provides a lot of potential.

 Natural foods, supplements and personal care is a market where sistema Naturally Beautiful specialises.


There are various  key steps in marketing functional foods.

SISTEMA is experienced in this field

Medical Condition and potential products:

There are various products for diseases associated with poor diet and sedentary lifestyle e.g. digestive problems, atherosclerosis, hypertension, stroke, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, eye disease, allergies and stress. 


Please contact our managing consultant to discuss any ideas or needs for successful business.

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