Association of Art & Science Rome, ITALY

The following fields of Interest are present:

  1. The human brain


  1. Medical and health advances and resources      
  2. Art and Poetry (concept of beauty, order and expression of emotion) 
  3. The explanation of nature using mathematics (chaos theory, fractals)              
  4. Physics and astronomy                        
  5. Genetics and evolution      (by understanding our genetic evolution and ancestry we may better understand our future)
  6. Archeology    (how our ancestors lived and what knowledge and experience they have bequeathed to us in the future)
  7. Spirituality        


  1. Speakers : To give talks on above issues to organizations, schools, hospitals etc.



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We are an association dedicated towards advancing our understanding of consciousness, our own humanity, nature and the universe in which we exist.

Towards this aim there will be web pages, publications and conferences dedicated towards the discussion of various fields ranging from neuroscience and psychology to mathematics and philosophy.

You are invited to participate

If you have articles or comments you can send them to our e-mail: AAS

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