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The Quantistic Brain 2004





Painting: Eternity by Andrea Spadoni

Ashraf Virmani PhD

Abstract :

Understanding ourselves: Brain processes from the quantistic point of view

Understanding ourselves and our relationship to the universe has always been the primary goal of mankind. This is a continous effortc that we can see reflected in the art and science of our ancestors. From the cave paintings to the astronomically inspired structures like Stonehenge, MahanjoDaro and the pyramids to our more formal spiritual and religious beliefs of today. How far have we come in the last 100,000 years? The major evolution in thought has been in our understanding of the nature of mater and of the universe, the very fundamental building blocks of all that exists. Quantum physics has shown that mater and energy are one and it is the equilibrium between them and space/time that determines everything in the universe. Further, everything in the universe is interlinked and interdependent, all the way to the processes life itself. In particular the processes underlying the functioning of the mind and the properties like conciousness and memory that arise from the the functions of this incredible organ. I shall discuss these brain processes from the quantistic point of view.

Dr Ashraf Virmani