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Brain Reseach Week 15 - 21 March 2004

Special Seminar organised by Association of Art & Science


Dr Ashraf Virmani


17.30: Current State of Research in Brain Pathology - Brain Research Week

hat is the role of research in prevention and cure of brain diseases;
Neuro-Regeneration and Neuro-Protection?

To find a cure for such devastating the diseases as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's,
Huntington's diseases as well as in new diseases like CJD, a great deal of
effort by medical researchers, as well as investment from the communities is

In nature such disease were eliminated by natural selection over thousands
of years. So why do we still have them, why were they not eliminated during
this process? One of the factors is related to age, our bodies were not
designed to go on functioning over the age 40 since the organism was past
the prime reproductive age.

However, now the world population is growing 'older' on average. With every
passing the year, the average age of survival goes up but at the same time
more diseases are manifesting themselves partly for this reason. With new
technologies, like stem cell and their use in regeneration, combined with
research on neurodegenerative processes that affect the CNS, strategies and
protective regimens are being found to preserve the higher functions of the
brain, functions that are the essence of being human.

This seminar will concentrate on the research in the field of
neuroregeneration and neurodegeneration.


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