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  1. What is the human spirit ?
  2. How can we study this ?
  3. How can we increase it ?

These are all very personal questions and each individual has his or her own ideas and concepts. The following article is the view of one particular individual:

Various articles related to spirituality  

Has anyone heard of Damanhur ?- a place in Italy where they have built a Temple of Mankind [based on chakras] carved inside a mountain. It's an extraordinary piece of architecture. This is a place for meditation as well.Look it up under Damanhur and you will see what I mean. It is 40 km north of Turin; and you can visit it.

Introduction - about the author -

Mr Gurcharan Singh has a BSc in Biochemistry from Newcastle-upon-Tyne University, UK and Msc in Clinical Pharmacology form Aberdeen University, UK. However, his ambition in life, like all of us, is to understand the ultimate questions and I have persuaded him to share his views with all of us. I hope this will stimulate and aid us all in our own quest.

The painting below representing the tree of life is by Andrea Spadoni.

Ashraf Virmani

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