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Hello, and let me welcome you to our Association site.

AAS is a Non-Profit making Association (ONLUS). We are a group of people from various professional backgrounds and nationalities devoted to promoting Art and Science. My own background is in neuroscience, especially in the processes of brain function and disease. I am especially interested in the development of medicines for protecting the brain in various diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Stroke and Autism.

AAS is interested in the development of consciousness and its augmentation by learning, spirituality and closer understanding of natural order in the universe.

We are also interested in art and archeology. AAS is dedicated to promoting not only art and science but our main aim is to create a link between the arts and science. We believe that to do this we must share and discuss various issues of Art through to Science, especially to increase discussion and knowledge through worldwide participation.

You are invited to participate.

Ashraf Virmani Ph.D.

President, AAS


A big hello from all the AAS committee members

From L to R: Ashraf, Domenico, Andrea, Antonio and Lluis

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